New Smart-VS+

Datasensing is glad to announce that Smart-VS becomes a Smart Vision Sensor Series, extending the product line with a new innovative model: the Smart-VS+.  

Smart-VS+ improves the smart vision sensor detection performance thanks to new electronic platform and enhanced capability of image handling. Smart-VS+ increases the total number of learning dataset images up to 20 improving tremendously the accuracy and speed for GOOD vs NO GOOD object detection.

The response time gets faster, speeding up from 50 ms to 20 ms (depending on the total number of dataset images to handle). Additionally, the calculated response time is shown on the user interface and it can be fine-tuned by the user while keeping the determinism. The Web GUI maintains the same successful ease of use set-up concept, adding configurable monitoring widgets and the innovative setting procedure by automatic trigger to perform easily the GOOD / NO GOOD image setting with no need of manual target placement. 

The Smart-VS+ is indicated for any kind of applications for your automation as primary or secondary packaging, food and beverage, pharma, cosmetic and general manufacturing industries. Smart-VS+ is the perfect solution to check the presence/absence and correct orientations of objects, such as caps, labels or prints, regardless of materials, colors, sizes or formats.

The Smart-VS+ automatically adapts to annoying backgrounds, poorly lit environments, low-contrast parts and items that are more difficult to detect due to the high tolerance in object placement.Smart-VS+ is mainly indicated for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, on automatic processing and packaging machines, on bottling lines, in intralogistics applications and for quality control in the automotive sector and on automatic parts assembly lines mechanical or electronic. Smart-VS+ is the perfect solution for all applications where it is necessary to verify the correct presence/absence of objects, such as caps, labels or prints during the filling of vials and vials. It also allows correct control of the orientation of objects, regardless of materials, colors, sizes, or formats.