Machine Vision

Machine vision is an image-based technology that is used for inspection and analysis utilizing a harmony of both hardware and software that provides a solution for a wide range of applications and industries. The Datalogic machine vision product line encompasses both hardware and software while covering a wide range of performance and price point requirements. Datalogic’s Impact™ Suite Software that provides tree view for easy to follow tool programming and debugging, tool setups for configuring and properties for greater access with a built-in customizable operator display panel interface.

Datalogic offers a complete portfolio of products and solutions ranging from smart cameras to embedded vision systems. Datalogic Impact Suite support wide ranges of cameras from VGA up to 20MP cameras including line scan cameras up to 8k resolution. Multi-camera connection support along with over 100+ inspection tools to solve even the most challenging vision applications.


Industrial Machine Vision Common Applications


Machine vision systems are highly versatile and offer value-add for a number of applications and industries. Common applications include, but are not limited to, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Pattern Sorting Tools (PST), quality inspection, automated guidance, line scanning, and presence detection. For all listed applications and more, machine vision can provide a solution.


  • Electronics: stamped pins, connector assemblies, lead frames, IC packaging, chip capacitors/resistors, code reading, mark inspection.

  • Automotive: aluminum wheels, brake lines, clutch packs, bearings, stamped metals, registration marks, dashboard/faceplates, fuses, tires.

  • Medical/Pharmaceutical: code reading/verification, needle and syringe, blister packs, packaging and seal verification, filter, glass vials, contact lenses.

  • Packaging: labeling, part placement, print verification, date lot, can orientation, PET bottle, content verification, fill-level inspection.

  • Logistics: hazardous material detection, robotic pick and pack, palletizers, image shaving, character recognition.

  • Pattern Sorting: compare current image with known patterns in a database, find 1000’s of different products in an efficient way, detect objects even if they are partially hidden or in a cluttered field of view of the camera/sensor, identify multiple patterns within a single image.

  • OCR: automate reading of waybills, verification of lot date codes/serial numbers/VIN numbers, teachable technology to read and identify alphanumeric text, even in low resolution.

  • Vison Guided Robotics: reduce or potentially eliminate the need for hard-fixturing and/or precise placement of parts, accommodate otherwise difficult part variation, allow systems to be responsive to widely vary parts and processes.

  • Line Scanning: web inspection, fabric, label inspection, packaging.


Machine Vision Common Benefits

The benefits of adding industrial machine vision technologies to your processes provide high-level return on investment. With cost effective solutions, Datalogic vision systems and smart vision sensors provide a range of options that allow you to select only the options that you need, without having to pay for features that will never be utilized.


  • Accuracy
    Eliminate human error and manufacture with a high level of precision. 

  • Quality
    Machine vision
    inspection ensures that products are of the highest quality and within the necessary specification, meeting all requirements of your market.

  • Interface
    Datalogic provides user friendly interface platforms for all our smart vision cameras and smart vision sensors, allowing for customization to meet your business needs and for easy programming.

  • Profitability
    Allow Datalogic to increase your profitability, reduce overhead, eliminate waste, and see real return on investment.

  • Compliance
    Vision inspection can insure that guidelines, certifications, and other requirements are completed to full expectations.

  • Data Archiving
    Guard against product recall liabilities.

  • Remote Monitoring
    Remote machine diagnostic and troubleshooting.

  • Human Safety
    Protection from a dangerous process.