Impact - Http request tool

The HTTP Request Tool by IMPACT is the key to enable HTTP calls and expand the connectivity of your software to a wide range of third-party tools, including web-based systems, REST APIs, databases, and web services. This powerful tool allows you to send active requests dynamically, opening the door to a variety of applications, such as data collection for predictive analysis on production machinery or management systems (SAP).

With the ability to make REST calls, the HTTP Request tool allows you to interact with third-party services in a flexible and scalable way. Its main features include:


  1. Multi-Method Requests: Supporting POST and GET methods, you can send textual data and images through HTTP requests. This allows you to effectively communicate with web services by sending structured or unstructured data.
  2. Dynamic Parameters: You can easily configure call parameters by dynamically changing values, allowing you to send boolean, integer, real, and string data. This aspect makes the HTTP Request Tool adaptable to your specific needs.
  3. Response Formats: In addition to receiving responses in standard text formats, you can also receive responses in image formats (such as PNG or JPEG). This ensures compatibility with a wide range of services.

The HTTP Request Tool by IMPACT is the ideal solution for:

  1. Interacting with Other Devices: Use requests to communicate with external devices or systems, leveraging the available HTTP commands. For example, surveillance cameras, thermal cameras, and more, thereby expanding the multimedia acquisition capabilities of the IMPACT software.
  2. Leveraging REST API Services: Connect your software to services that offer REST APIs, paving the way for synergistic collaboration on complex storage systems.
  3. And More: This tool opens the door to a range of possibilities. Imagine using it to send data from data collection services for predictive analysis on production machinery.

With the HTTP Request Tool by IMPACT, your connectivity is more powerful than ever. Expand your capabilities and communicate with the outside world seamlessly and efficiently.