MX-G2000 Vision Processor


Unleash the power of Deep Learning

Datasensing is pleased to announce the introduction of the MX-G2000, an industrial vision processor with PEKAT VISION deep learning that enables advanced machine vision applications for factory automation.

The MX-G2000 integrates the 12th generation INTEL chipset and NVIDIA RTX GPU providing the highest computing power to run both PEKAT VISION deep learning and IMPACT rule-based algorithms. Every single component of the MX-G2000 has been selected and tested by Datasensing with care. The result is a proven industrial-grade deep learning solution right out of the box that protect customer long-term investment.

With its outstanding computational power, the MX-G2000 allows users to train new deep learning models directly onboard. There is no need to connect to the cloud or external servers: data and images remain secure within the on-premises vision processor.

The MX-G2000 can operate in two different modes according to the active license package. "PEKAT only" to take advantage of all PEKAT VISION deep learning modules, including anomaly detection and surface inspection. "PEKAT + IMPACT" to combine the deep learning modules with rule-based algorithms such as pattern matching, measurement and barcode reading within the highly flexible programming framework of the IMPACT software platform.

The MX-G2000 can handle up to four independent GigE digital cameras and fully supports the entire portfolio of Datasensing cameras. The processor embeds 16 digital input and 16 digital output that can be configured via software. When IMPACT is enabled, industrial fieldbus like PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and Modbus are also available to offer the ultimate level of connectivity.

The amazing processing capabilities of the MX-G2000 hardware, combined with the power and flexibility of the PEKAT VISION and IMPACT software, make the MX-G2000 the ideal vision processor for the most demanding machine vision applications in factory automation, such as verifying the correct assembly of automotive parts, inspecting the quality of food and beverage packages, or identifying defects in electronic components.

Product Highlights:

  • Rugged, industrial, GPU-powered vision processor
  • Running both Pekat (deep learning) and IMPACT (rule-based) machine vision software
  • Training and inference on the edge, no need of additional PC, Server or Cloud computing
  • Compatible with a wide range of cameras from VGA up to very high resolution
  • Supporting up to four Power over Ethernet (PoE) camera ports – PoE compliant cameras
  • Integrated Profinet and Ethernet/IP industrial fieldbus
  • 16 IN + 16 OUT software configurable digital I/Os that can work either PNP or NPN mode

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