New special version of Safety Laser Scanner Sentinel for use in environments with sulfur-based gas

Datasensing is pleased to announce a new special version of the Safety Laser Scanner Sentinel SV-5796 for use in critical industrial environments with the presence of sulfur-based gases.
The presence of these gases can compromise the functional integrity of the devices with which they come into contact; by attacking the exposed electrical and electronic parts, they drastically reduce their average life-time, noticeably affecting the maintenance costs.  Thanks to introduction of a conformal protective coating on all exposed electrical and electronic parts, the SLS SV-5796 allows you to maintain an excellent device life-time even in the most challenging environments.
The effectiveness of the protection is certified by RTD competent body according to DIN EN/IEC 60068-2-xx standard:SLS SV-5796 in fact maintains the same excellent performance and functionality of the standard models from which it is derived, without any limitations.Due to its special features, SLS SV-5796 is particularly suitable in environments for the production and processing of rubber, in particular in tire production plants.