SH4 series


SH4 is a complete line of safety light curtains, designed to reach the highest level in environmental characteristics and performances suitable to solve the needs of most applications in manufacturing and intralogistics sectors.

For the best protection of entrances, hazardous points and dangerous areas, the SH4 line offers finger, hand and body resolution models, all based on compact housing design and standard connectors, in order to minimize stock, installation and maintenance costs, reduce the lead time and assure the best quality.

To respond to the different application needs and configuration preferences, models are available with basic, standard or advanced functionality, offering a large number of functions, and leaving the possibility to configure the device through simple wiring, DIP-Switches configuration or programming.

On Advanced models, the programming  of functions like blanking, reduced resolution, muting is possible without using external interfaces, but accessing directly to the device through wi-fi.

The programming App can be run on computer as well as tablet and smartphone, offering a handy possibility to have a complete diagnostic without dedicated tools.

High levels of environmental robustness, resistance to vibrations, shocks, lower temperature, dust and water jets have been reached thanks to the innovative design of the device and its manufacturing process.
Innovative functions that improve the safety level of machinery have been added to those already present in Datalogic safety light curtains: muting with 4 independent signals, partial dynamic muting and the possibility to combine muting and blanking in the same device.

SH4 is sold as a pair, with their installation brackets, ready to be installed.

Muting accessories with integrated muting sensors are available to minimize the installation time.  

Main points:

  • Zero dead zone 
  • Cascadability
  • 2 signals and 4 signals muting
  • Integrated alignment aimer 
  • Reduced resolution
  • Partial dynamic muting
  • Wi-fi monitoring and configuration
  • Muting accessories
  • -30.. 55°C temperature range
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