Lidar Guidance Scanner



Lidar guidance scanner

  • Compact, reliable and rugged Navigation Lidar for automated guided vehicles
  • ToF technology on infrared laser
  • 2D Measurement data for natural or marker navigation
  • 360° measurement for all-round scanning
  • Differentiation between natural objects and reflectors
  • Compact design for easy mechanical integration
  • Simple and quick configuration and monitoring
  • High precision and reliable measurement up to 50 meters
  • 60,000 measured points per second
  • Up to 25 Hz selectable rotation frequency
  • 0.06° angle resolution
  • Dimensions: 95 x 97 x 116 mm

Technical features

Detection properties

Nominal sensing distance ≤50 m
controlled height 50 m
Sensitivity adjustment GUI


Description Compact scan view 360°
Functions AGV Navigation Laser Scanner

Safety parameters



Output type IEEE 802.3u 100Mbps Ethernet
Response time n/a

Electrical data

Operating Voltage 12-32 VDC
Emission Laser IR

Mechanical data

Dimensions 95x116x97
Connections M12 4+4-poles
Material Metal - Aluminium / PC

Generical Data

Dimensions 95x116x97