New S3N series


New S3N Series contrast and pigtail models:
Following the successful introduction of the new S3N miniature sensor series, Datasensing is pleased to announce the availability of a new contrast sensor model for mark reading applications.

The new S3N-W03 is the undisputed fastest miniaturized contrast sensor on the market.
With a switching frequency of 60kHz and a very low jitter of 4us, the S3N-W03 is the most accurate sensor for mark reading applications, delivering great performance with high technology dual channel IO-Link connectivity. The shaped and bright RGB emission combines superior detection accuracy with high spot visibility.
The S3N-W03 is available with a simple and easy TEACH-IN push button adjustment procedure.

Datasensing also reminds that all the S3N high runner optical functions (including the new S3N-W03 model) are available in a wide range of pigtail options: M12-4pin, M8-4pin and M8-3pin.
The new pigtail models maintain all the remarkable detection capabilities of the current series in a miniaturized 11 x 32 x 20 mm case.

The availability of the new pigtail models enhances the S3N integration capability in several factory automation applications, enabling easier and seamless sensor integration. The pigtail connection simplifies installation and maintenance, making it an ideal solution for intra-logistics and logistics applications. 

Similar to the standard models, the S3N pigtail sensors are available with different adjustment modes: trimmer models with on-board Dark / Light selection and push-button models with an easy, intuitive, and accurate teach-in learning procedure.

All Push-button models are available with a very extensive IO-Link parameterization set with incredibly advanced smart tasks and extended diagnostics for predictive maintenance, suitable for any industrial application where high stability, sensitivity, speed and precision are required.

The S3N series is designed to solve all the applications for primary and secondary packaging machines, in food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, automotive, electronics and logistics sectors. 

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