New S3N series


Datasensing launches the new S3N series: a complete line of miniature photoelectric sensors with state-of-the-art functionalities and improved mechanical characteristics.

S3N series completely renews the former S3Z sensor line.

The new line adds advanced optical functions, like laser background suppression and retroreflex for clear objects.It offers a wide range of features with different adjustment methods and it also embeds IO-Link connectivity with a high degree of parameterization.

All these incredible characteristics are now available in the global standard miniature case of 11 x 32 x 20 mm.

The new S3N sensor line is available with different adjustment modes: trimmer models with on-board Dark / Light selection and push-button models with an easy, intuitive, and accurate learning Teach in procedure.
All Push -button models are available with a very extensive IO-Link parameterization set with incredible advanced smart tasks such as: counting functions with different modes, programmable time stamp for time management of events, programmability of the content of the process data and extended diagnostics for predictive maintenance.
The S3N family is the right solution in any industrial application where high stability, sensitivity, speed and precision are required.

Thanks to the availability of red LED light emission models with clearly visible spots and its very precise class 1 laser emission models, the S3N can solve all applications for primary and secondary packaging machines, in food and beverage, in cosmetics, in pharmaceutical, automotive, and electronics sectors. 

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