Safety devices are mandatory for operator’s protection in potentially hazardous areas, plants or machinery.
Safety optoelectronic devices are safety light barriers, curtains, grids, light beams and control units, used for the detection of finger, hand, arm, body, or presence detection in fixed applications.
Safety laser scanners are suitable for configurable area protection or even dynamic applications, in particular robotic cells and automated guided vehicles (AGV).
Safety accessories include cables, connection box, brackets, IP69K protection tubes, lens shield, laser pointer, test pieces.
Manufacturing industry applications include automotive and electronics plants, especially robotic cells; food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical goods processing and packaging machines; any machinery used in woodworking, metalworking, textile, ceramic, glass, stones, paper, etc.
Logistics applications are diffused in automated material handling, conveyors, storage and retrieval, automated warehouses, and AGV.
Furthermore, logistics applications are integrated by Lidars for guidance and navigation, and encoders for the vehicle speed measurement.