Area Sen, H=69mm-10mm pitch,Reflex

Retroreflective Polarized Area sensors

  • Area height controlled 69 mm
  • Maximun operative distance up to 4.5 m
  • Minimum object detection diam. 6mm
  • Two teach-in types: fine and standard
  • Optical pitch 10mm
  • Protection degree IP67
  • Blanking function


Indicative image

Technical features

Detection properties

Nominal sensing distance 0,2 … 4,5m (with RL106G)
Thermal drift of Sr ≤10%
Beams space 10mm
controlled height 69mm
minimum detectable object Ø 3…7mm @ 2m RL106G - Ø 3…16mm @ 4,5m RL106G
number of rays 6
Sensitivity adjustment Teach in: fine < 3s; standard > 6s


Function Principle Retroreflective polarized area sensor


Output type PNP
Output Function NO+NC
Switching frequency 400Hz

Electrical data

Operating Voltage 12...30VDC
No-Load supply current 100mA
Load current 160mA
Leakage current ≤1μA
Output voltage drop 1,6Vdc @ 100mA
Max ripple content ≤ 10%
LED indicators green: power supply-alignment; red: dark/light status
Time delay before availability < 300ms
Short-circuit protection Yes (autoreset)
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Emission Red (617nm)
Interference to external light 5000lux (fluorescent lamp); 50000lux (sun light)
Impulsive Overvoltage Protection Yes

Mechanical data

Dimensions 107mm x 20mm x 36mm
Weight 100g
Housing Material Aluminim
Connections M12 4pin + cable PVC 200mm
Active Head Material PMMA
Operating temperature -10°C…+ 55° C (without freeze)


Approvals CE, cULus,UKCA
EMC compatibility EN 60947-5-2
Shocks and vibrations IEC EN 60947-5-2 / 7.4
Degree of protection IP67


Supplied Accessories RL106G reflector + fixing kit (ST151)

Generical Data

Dimensions 107x20x36
Operating Temperature -10°C…+ 55° C (without freeze)
Mechanical Protection IP67