Advanced global style miniature photoelectric sensor

  • 50-250 mm background suppression
  • 0.7 m proximity, 150 mm with narrow beam
  • 4 m polarized retroreflective
  • 15 m through beam
  • Light and dark trimmer models
  • Standard 3-wire output configuration

Technical features

Detection properties

Nominal sensing distance 700mm
Sensitivity adjustment Trimmer


Function Principle Diffuse beam
Description Miniature global standard front holes
Optic position Radial 90°
Functions Diffuse beam


Output type PNP Don
Output Function Don
Switching frequency 500Hz
Response time 1

Electrical data

Operating Voltage 10…30VDC
No-Load supply current ≤ 30mA
Load current ≤100mA
Output voltage drop ≤2V@Iload=100mA
Short-circuit protection YES
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Emission LED Infrared (850 nm)
Interference to external light according to EN 60947-5-2 : 2020
Impulsive Overvoltage Protection Yes
Insulation resistance >20 MΩ 500 Vdc, between electronics and housing
Contact resistance 500 Vac 1 min., between electronics and housing

Mechanical data

Dimensions 11x32x20
Housing Material Plastic PBT / PMMA
Connections 2m cable
Active Head Material PMMA
Storage temperature - 40°C…+70°C
Diameter/Dimension Cubic


Approvals CE cULus
EMC compatibility EN 60947-5-2
Shocks and vibrations 0.5 mm amplitude, 10 … 55 Hz frequency, for every axis (EN60068-2-6)

Generical Data

Dimensions 11x32x20
Operating Temperature - 25°C…+ 55°C
Mechanical Protection IP67