E/M cameras


Camera, M565, Gig-E, 2048 Linescan, 51KHz, Grayscale*

Line scan cameras

  • Use with the MX-E45 and MX-E90 Industrial Vision Processors
  • 2K to 8K resolution in grayscale
  • High quality images sensors for speed performance
  • Compact housing enables mounting in space-constrained locations
  • High line rate ensures images capture at rates for high speed applications

Technical features


Description Camera unit


Image frequency 51 kHz

Mechanical data

Lens mount C/F/M42-Mount


Approvals CE

Generical Data

Camera Interface Gig-E
Power Requirements 12-24 VDC
Dimensions 36 mm x 56 mm x 62 mm
Operating Temperature 0 … 50°C
Mechanical Protection IP30
Resolution 2048
PoE No
Pixel size 7 µm

Optical Data

Mono/Color Grayscale