Technical features

Electrical data

Nominal current Max. 4 A
Led no
Wires 4
Rated impulse voltage 2,5 kV
Nominal voltage Max. 50Vac / 60Vdc

Mechanical data

Connections Con terminale libero
Tightening torque 0,6 Nm
Operating temperature -10°C...+80°C (flexible installation) -25°C...+80°C (fixed installation)
Fibre lengh (m) 5
Head type Axial
Plug M8
Outer diameter Ø 4,7 mm ± 5%
Jacket material PVC (CFC, cadmium, silicon, lead free) Flame retardant according to UL1581VW1/CSA FT1, self-extinguishing
Wire isolation PVC (CFC, cadmium, silicon, lead free)
Bending radius Wire for fixed installation: 5 x d Wire for flexible installation: 10 x d
Conductors section 0,25 mm2 (14 x 0,15 mm2)
Model Female


Degree of protection IP67

Generical Data

Operating Temperature -10°C...+80°C (flexible installation) -25°C...+80°C (fixed installation)
Mechanical Protection IP67