P2x-Series C-Mount

P2x-Series C-Mount: the performance and flexibility of a vision system packed into a compact smart camera.

Datasensing is pleased to announce the upgrade of the P2x-Series smart camera portfolio with the introduction of new C-Mount models.

The P2x-Series is an industrial smart camera providing exceptional inspection performance and flexibility in a fully-embedded compact housing. With the introduction of new models supporting C-Mount lenses, the modularity of the product is pushed to the next level.

Now customers can tailor the smart camera according to their specific needs choosing different lens types, illuminators, optical filters and covers. All parts are field replaceable and interchangeable, thus allowing hundreds of different combinations for countless applications. C-Mount lens support further extends the possibilities of the P2x-Series enabling applications calling for very long operating distances or very narrow field of views as well as applications requiring telecentric lenses for very high accuracy measurement and positioning. Available in two different resolutions (qHD and 2MP) in either monochrome or color versions, the P2x-Series smart cameras are equipped with a 360° highly-visible multi-color feedback.

The color of the frame is software configurable and provides intuitive visual feedback to workers even at far distances with no need of additional HMI panels.P2x-Series smart cameras come with the IMPACT software suite pre-loaded and provides access to the entire suite of Datasensing algorithms.

Two add-on licenses further enable advanced functionalities: ENHANCED to enjoy the power of the Advanced OCR tool and the location accuracy of the Pattern Find tool, PROFESSIONAL (PRO) to unleash the unique Pattern Sorting tool capabilities. Powered by the latest IMPACT software release 13.1, the P2x-Series now also provides a web-based monitoring interface named Smart Camera Monitor (SCM). The SCM can be displayed on any device running a web browser and offers an intuitive HMI to monitor and adjust the running inspection.With its great flexibility, P2x-Series smart cameras are able to address a wide range of machine vision applications including quality inspection in packaging and automotive, robot guidance, high-accuracy gauging in electronics, color analysis and OCR reading.

P2X is the ultimate smart camera with the unparalleled performance and flexibility of the most innovative vision system. The heavyweight specifications packed into the industrial-grade camera housing will let operators tackle the most demanding of application requirements. The small form factor and large field of view make it the ideal camera on robot guidance applications. The powerful and feature-rich built-in lighting system is designed to be used on production lines for materials of all shapes, sizes and colors.

The benefits are endless, and it is undeniable the new P2x series from Datalogic is a far superior smart camera to all others.

Tackle the widest range of applications

The P2X, with its 2MP resolution and choice of multi-coloured illumination, is a versatile solution for manufacturing applications in automotive, electronics, food & beverage, and medical & pharma. It serves as an authority on verifying that components are positioned and assembled correctly before moving into the next phase of the manufacturing process.

The P2X is also equipped with full OCR capability, giving customers the added benefit of being able to read labels, and ensure they comply with the entire track-and-trace or serialization needs.

Optimize Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) of your smart-camera

The P2X is the world’s first smart camera with bump and tilt detection. 

It comes equipped with an embedded accelerometer that continuously monitors and tracks the camera orientation.  If the orientation changes from setup, or the camera is bumped, these are written to the error log and can flash the 360feedback bezel yellow and set error bits in the PLC over EtherNet/IP, Profinet, or other protocols.  Operators can stay assured that they won’t have any errors usually associated with camera displacements.

Work with the latest in technology

The P2X brings all the enhanced features of IMPACT™ software, that users of the MX-E vision processors will already be familiar with. Advanced OCR, pattern sort, and pattern find are fast becoming necessary in high speed manufacturing operations today. Although very technically capable, the P2X is easily setup and operated. Coming with a 360° multi-color visual feedback casing, operators and engineers can easily see how the camera is performing without the need to check software or HMI panels.