SLS Safety Laser Scanner Sentinel

Safety Laser SCANNER Sentinel

As part of its commitment to continuous improvement, Datasensing is pleased to announce a new 3.2.0 software suite release upgrade for Safety Laser Sentinel. The new suite includes the 3.2.0 product firmware release upgrade, which applies to all models, and a new DL Sentinel 3.2.0 user interface upgrade.
The new software suite will be available on the Datasensing website starting October 2, 2023 for field upgrade and the firmware will be effective on the same date for the newly ordered product.

This new release is introducing some relevant feature enhancements, main ones are described below

- Device’s start-up time:
a shorten software boot time has been achieved for all the models and configurations. SLS starts now and completes the boot operations within 35 sec from power on;

- Firmware update procedure:
a lean and easy procedure has been introduced to allow the firmware upgrade and fast replacement in all application conditions. The new procedure allows to handle the field replacement of Master and/or 1 or more remote units of a cluster with Firmware versions that are different (older) than 3.2.0.

- DL Sentinel user interface:
Several improvements are now available in 3.2.0 DL Sentinel GUI release. Including:
an extended and intuitive drag & drop function allows to speed up the zone drawing procedure significantly reducing the device configuration time;
- configuration report generation time has been significantly reduced giving access to the commissioning phase earlier that previous versions;
- last but not least, an improved diagnostic information management system that simplifies the parameter reading from GUI like speed from encoders connected to AGV / vehicle wheels.

The new software suite together with FW update package are downloadable for free on Datasensing website:
- Graphic user interface DL Sentinel : DL SENTINEL GUI 3.2.0 MSI download
- Firmware package and upgrade user instructions:  UPGRADE TO 3.2.0-RTM download

Please follow the attached instruction in order to use it as upgrade in existing applications.

Availability date
The 3.2.0 has been already certified by competent bodies.
Adoption on standard series will start on 2023, October 2nd
Technical service staff is available for any further clarification or support you may need.

For more information:
Product Manager: Enrico Lorenzoni
Technical Support: Luca Mazzetti
Customer Service Support: Raffaella Casini