New S3N-T model for transparent object detection

New S3N-T model for transparent object detection 

Datasensing is glad to announce the new S3N-T retro-reflective models for transparent object detection.Thanks to their coaxial optics, T51 and T53 models are effective and precise in transparent object detection.S3N ASIC platform provides IO-Link and excellent detection performance in all challenging applications with the push button model (T53-OZ).The transparent detection optical function is available in several different flavors: one trimmer, two trimmers, push button, M8 connector or cable exit.All these features make the new S3N for transparent the perfect solution for food & beverage and pharmaceutical processing, as well as for primary packaging applications.

Bottles detection 

S3N can detect a lot of different bottle types made by glass or different plastic materials. The easy setting by trimmer or push button performs a stable detection with different object shapes and transparency grade even when bottles are empty or filled.

Plastic trays detection 

Plastic trays are very used in today packaging application to pack different type of food like fruit or meat. S3N is the right solution for stable a stable detection of very transparent tray with any shape along the production line.

Bottles and vials detection 

Glass vials and small bottles are frequently used in pharma applications. They are often challenging to be detected due to special glasses or colored and transparent filling liquids. S3N is the perfect solution for these applications, stably detect these objects fast and precisely.

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