Datasensing news at SPS Italia


Datasensing introduces the P2x series smart camera, which offers the power and flexibility of a complete vision system.
The compact form factor and advanced localization capabilities make it the ideal smart camera for robot guidance applications.
The powerful built-in illuminator allows it to be used in production lines of all types and high processing power handles the highest output rates.

Also featured for Datasensing are the new version of Smart VS Plus vision sensors, the complete S3N series of miniature photoelectric sensors with IO-Link, new SH4 series safety curtains with wireless programming, CR0 detection and measurement barriers, and UF series capacitive sensors for food applications.
The SLS safety laser scanner, developed for safety applications in AGV and robotic systems, will safely guide the movements of Robee, Oversonic's humanoid robot present at the booth along with Datasensing.

Pekat Vision, the Datalogic Group company that develops proprietary machine vision algorithms, will present its machine learning and deep learning solutions for applications in industrial automation and materials logistics.