Slot labelling 3mm width IR

Photoelectric fork sensors for labels detection

  • Dinamic Teach-in or control panel and manual adjustment with “+/-” buttons
  • Minimum object detection 2 mm (gap between labels), 2 mm (label size)
  • Infrared emission
  • Light/Dark switching, selectable by button
  • Switching frequency 10 kHz
  • M8 connectors (4 pins): PNP or NPN, LO/DO selectable
  • -20 ...+60 °C temperature range


Indicative image

Technical features

Detection properties

Nominal sensing distance 3mm
minimum detectable object 2mm
Sensitivity adjustment Teach-in
+/-50 µm a 150m/min +/-50 µm at 150m/min
200 m/min 200 m/min
2mm 2mm


Function Principle Photoelectric slot


Output type PNP L/D Selectable
Output Function L/D Selectable
Switching frequency 10Khz
Response time 50 µs

Electrical data

Operating Voltage 12...24VDC
No-Load supply current ≤ 35mA
Load current ≤100mA
Output voltage drop ≤2V@Iload=100mA
Max ripple content ≤10%
LED indicators Yellow (status output), Red (adjustment or block keypad)
Time delay before availability ≤200ms
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Emission LED Infrared

Mechanical data

Dimensions Width slot detection 3mm - Depth slot detection 42mm
Weight 35g
Housing Material PA
Connections M8 plug 4pin
Operating temperature - 20°C…+ 60°C
Storage temperature - 30°C…+ 80°C
Width slot detection 3mm
Depth slot detection 42mm


Approvals CE UL
EMC compatibility EN 60947-5-2
Degree of protection IP65

Generical Data

Dimensions Width slot detection 3mm - Depth slot detection 42mm
Operating Temperature - 20°C…+ 60°C (Without freeze)
Mechanical Protection IP65