Safety,T2-PLd 30mm h=910mm 12m ,STD

Light Curtains Type 2 according to IEC 61496-1 and 2

  • Compact housing (28 x 30 mm) and no dead zone on cap side
  • Resolution 30, 40, 50, 90 mm for hand protection and presence control and 2, 3, 4 beams for body protection/access control
  • Controlled distance up to: 3, 4,10, 12 m
  • Base, Standard versions and Master, Slave version to connect up to 3 sets in cascade configuration
  • Selectable Automatic/Manual Restart and EDM integrated functions (Standard models)
  • Selectable controlled distance
  • IP69K protection models (LS2_K) and models with integrated heating system to reach -25°C operating temperature (LS2_H)
  • Standard M12 da 5 and 8 poles connectors


Indicative image

Technical features

Detection properties

Nominal sensing distance 0...4 / 0...12 m
Resolution 30mm
controlled height 910mm
number of rays 46
Effective Aperture Angle ≤ ±5°


Function Principle Emitter + Receiver
Available functions Manual/Automatic Restart, EDM
Description Compact standard
Functions Hand prot. res. 30 mm

Safety parameters

Type Type 2 safety light curtain (A/M)
PL c
PFHd 5,19E-08
MTTFd 207,6 years
CFF 80%


Output type 2 x PNP-NO (OSSD safety output) with EDM
Response time 13 ms

Electrical data

Operating Voltage 24 Vdc ± 20%
Load current ≤ 400mA each output
Time delay before availability 2s
Interference to external light according to IEC 61496-2
Power Consumption - Receiver ≤ 2W (no load)
Power Consumption - Emitter ≤ 1W
Equivalent Resistive Load ≥ 60 Ω
Capacitive Load ≥ 0,82 µF
Cabel Length (Power Supply/Output) ≤ 100m
Cable Length for Master Slave Interconnections ≤ 50m

Mechanical data

Dimensions 28mm (front) x 30mm
Connections M12-5 poles (emitter) M12-8 poles (receiver)
Operating temperature -10°C ÷ +55°C (no condensation)
Storage temperature -25…+ 70°C
humidity 95% (no condensation)
Vibrations Width 0.35 mm, frequency 10 … 55Hz; 20 sweep per axis, 1octave/min (EN 60068-2-6)
Shocks 16 ms (10 G) 1,000 shocks per axis (EN 60068-2-29)


Approvals CE, cULus, TÜV
EMC compatibility According to 2014/30/EU Directive
Shocks and vibrations according to IEC 61496-1
Degree of protection IP65, IP67


Supplied Accessories ST 204 4S

Generical Data

Dimensions 28x30x963 mm
Operating Temperature -10 ... +55°C
Humidity 95% (no condensation)
Mechanical Protection IP65, IP67