Photo.Fork,PNP-LO/DO,M12 plug,Edge detect

Four beams fork sensor for belt tracking control

  • Four beams photoelectric fork sensor for belt tracking control
  • Double static outputs + alarm contact
  • Approvals: CE


Indicative image

Technical features

Detection properties

Beam angle ± 15°
Sensibility 1 sheet of 80g/m2 white paper
Tilting hysteresis 7mm
Optics diameter 3mm


Output type 2 x complementary PNP
Switching frequency 100 hz with 1/1 dark-light
Sampling period 4ms
4 optical scan period 600µs
Response time outputs ONO and ONC 4,7ms
Response time contact output A 8ms (open); 500ms (close)

Electrical data

Operating Voltage 10...30Vdc
No-Load supply current ≤ 70mA
Load current ≤ 300mA
Leakage current ≤ 10µA
Output voltage drop ≤ 2,5V @ Iload = 100mA
Max ripple content < 5Vpp
Emission infrared
Interference to external light 10000 lux (artificial light)
Optical power class 1 (no danger)
Maximum capacitance load 300mA
Test input levels (expected, but not connected) LO ≤ 5V (or open), HI * 15V according to IEC61131-2 (2007)
VDE protection class III (max. voltage 50VAC), 500V (insulation)
Output A (alarm) Electromechanical contact, 1A, 30Vdc, no short circuit protection

Mechanical data

Dimensions 26,4 x 83 x 162mm
Weight 200g
Housing Material PC
Connections 2 x cable
Operating temperature -20°C … + 55°C
Storage temperature -40°C … +75°C
humidity 15% … 95%


Approvals CE
EMC compatibility Conforming with EMC directive according with EN60947-5-2
Shocks and vibrations shock resistance according to IEC60068-2-27: 3 axes x 6, half sine, Acc: 30g; Dur: 11s vibration resistance according IEC60068-2-6: freq:10…55hz; Ampl:0,5mm; Sweep:5min; Fr: 3x30min
Degree of protection IP67

Generical Data

Dimensions 26,4 x 83 x 162mm
Operating Temperature -20°C … + 55°C
Humidity 15% … 95%
Mechanical Protection IP67