DS3 light arrays are used to detect and/or measure objects

    Operating distance reaching 1.5 mand up to 600 mm controlled height
  • Digital PNP and 0 - 10 V analogue
  • outputs
  • Simple configuration obtained using
  • the internal dip-switches
  • Teach-in setting with Remote and selfcalibration function

Technical features

Detection properties

Nominal sensing distance 0,3…0,6m
Beams space 6mm
controlled height 305mm
minimum detectable object 0,5mm (crossed beams)
number of rays 48
Sensitivity adjustment Teach-in


Function Principle Emitter- Receiver
Description Compact profile - res. 0.5-6 mm
Functions Light array for detection and measurement


Output type PNP, 0...10V
Output Function NO/NC + positive/negative slope
Response time Crossed beams: 46ms, parallel beams 6ms

Electrical data

Operating Voltage 20,4…27,6VDC
No-Load supply current ≤ 200mA
Load current ≤100mA
Output voltage drop ≤1V Iload = 100mA
LED indicators Green (powerON) Orange (state output) Red (failure)
Emission Infrared (880nm)

Mechanical data

Dimensions 35x676x40
Weight 530g for umit
Housing Material Aluminium
Connections M12 Plug
Active Head Material PMMA
Material Metal - Aluminium / PMMA


Approvals CE


Supplied Accessories Fixing brakets

Generical Data

Dimensions 35x676x40
Operating Temperature -10°C…+ 50° C
Mechanical Protection IP65