Photo.Mini,PNP-NO/NC,M8 plug,Reflex

Miniaturized photoelectric sensors with high performance

  • Cubic miniaturized photoelectric high-performance sensors with long sensing distance
  • 2 kHz switching frequency, background suppression with mechanical adjustment
  • Wide range of models: diffuse reflection with short, medium and long sensing distance, polarized, reflective for transparent objects, through-beam and background suppression
  • Available with cable and M8 plug exit or with M8-M12 pig-tail
  • Selectable LO/DO output state
  • Completely filled with resin (except background suppression models)
  • Complete protection against electrical damages


Indicative image

Technical features

Detection properties

Nominal sensing distance 4m
Thermal drift of Sr ≤10% Sr
Repeat Accuracy 5%
Sensitivity adjustment Trimmer
Minimum sensing distance (blind zone) 0,4m


Function Principle Transparent objects
Notes On RL110 reflector
Optic position Radial 90°


Output type PNP L/D Selectable
Output Function L/D Selectable
Switching frequency 1Khz
Response time 500µs

Electrical data

Operating Voltage 10…30VDC
No-Load supply current ≤ 30mA
Load current ≤100mA
Leakage current ≤10μA
Output voltage drop ≤2V@Iload=100mA
Max ripple content ≤10%
LED indicators Yellow (status output), green (stability)
Time delay before availability ≤200ms
Short-circuit protection Yes
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Emission LED Red (630nm)
Interference to external light 3000lux (incandescent lamp), 10000lux (sunlight)
Impulsive Overvoltage Protection Yes

Mechanical data

Dimensions 40,6x21x13mm
Weight 10g
Housing Material PA66
Connections M8 plug 4pin
Active Head Material PMMA
Tightening torque 1Nm
Operating temperature - 25°C…+ 70° C (Without freeze)
Storage temperature - 30°C…+ 80° C (Without freeze)
Diameter/Dimension Cubic


Approvals CE cULus
EMC compatibility EN 60947-5-2
Shocks and vibrations Vibration IEC 60068-2-6 / Shock IEC 60068-2-27
Degree of protection IP67

Generical Data

Dimensions 40,6x21x13mm
Operating Temperature - 25°C…+ 70°C (Without freeze)
Mechanical Protection IP67