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E/M cameras

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  • Resolutions ranging from VGA up to 5 MP, available both in monochrome or color
  • Linescan cameras with resolution from 2K up to 8K pixels
  • Industry-proven GigE Vision connectivity standard
  • Compact dimensions simplifying mechanical installation
  • C-Mount lens support for extreme mounting flexibility

Available products: 5

I/O Board, M5xx Camera, w / isolation

Camera, M565, Gig-E, 2048 Linescan, 51KHz, Grayscale

Camera, M570, Gig-E, 4096 Linescan, 26KHz, Grayscale

Camera, M575, Gig-E, 6144 Linescan, 17KHz, Grayscale

Camera, M580, Gig-E, 8192 Linescan, 12KHz, Grayscale