New stainless steel sensor brackets

NEW AISI316L stainless steel sensor brackets 

Datasensing completes its offer regarding the AISI316L stainless steel sensor brackets by introducing the M8 and M30 models.

The current offer allows to cover all types of sensors from diameter M8 to diameter M30, both with axial and 90° shape.The models available are:

For M8 sensors: ST 08-A7W (axial) and ST 08-C7W (90°)
For M12 sensors: ST 12-A7W (axial) and ST 12-C7W (90°)
For M18 sensors: ST 18-A7W (axial) and ST 18-C7W (90°)
For M30 sensors: ST 30-A7W (axial) and ST 30-C7W (90°)