DATASENSING introduces the new S5N series


Datasensing is announcing the continuation of M18 tubular sensor line renewal and integration.
S5, S15, S50 and S51 series are now integrated into the new S5N sensor line.
The new S5N products are mechanically and optically fully compatible with the former product line part numbers.
In the attached technical note further details about technical compatibility can be found.

The evolution is operated with the same method adopted for S5O to S5N crossover.
The series name is changed from S51, S15 and the order number is increased by one.

Whereas S5 maintains the same family name (S5) changing the final order number increasing by"1".
A limited selection of S5,S51, S15 low runners will not transition to the new S5N series in order to have a lean and clear portfolio. These models will be available until the series end of life. A dedlcated communication will be issued at the proper time with last buy order information.

The new S5N benefits from the addition of Datasensing's new ASIC, offering many lmprovements In terms of lntegration scale, productlon flexibility and immunity to electrical and optical interferences. New S51, S15 and S5 sensor families maintain standard output while IO-Link connectivity is available with the new S50 models previously announced.

Given the technical advantages mentioned above and the backward compatibility of the new S5N,Datasensing recommends its customers to migrate to the new M18 tubular sensors at the earliest convenience. 

The GeneraLavailabllity of S5N is planned as follows:

S5N (ex S51)·Avallable since October 18, 2022

S5N(ex S15): Avallable since Januarv 21, 2022

S5·March 28, 2022